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Our Services

legal services

We’re here to be your connection to the legal system and to advocate.

Criminal Law

We are experts in providing legal advice and representation in criminal law proceedings...

Family Law

We are committed to ensuring the handling of all family law matters with utmost respect to confidentiality...


We can provide you with legal advice to understand the issues involved in purchasing and selling property..

Estate Administration

Estate administration and legal requirements vary between states, but it is the important process of...

Litigation, Dispute Resolution

We are expert lawyers, litigators, negotiators and communicators with a philosophy of respect and fairness…

Employment Law

You can expect at some stage in your careers to have to take professional advice from an employment lawyer

Wills and Estates

We can assist you in managing the complexities involved in dealing with a deceased estate and legal advice…

Notary Public

we can assist you where you require documents to be signed or witnessed by a Notary Public…